Back-to-School Printable Teacher Questions

New Teacher Questions for Back-to-School

I have been wanting to draw a school bus for quite a while now. I know, that might sound silly to you, but I guess the thought of back to school makes me want to get creative. I drew this cute little bus last night to add to the top of what I’ve used for the past couple years for my own daughter – a New Teacher Question Card. I love this for finding out all the teacher’s favorite things from snacks to her favorite quote. It makes is SO much easier to figure out gifts & treats through the year.

I’m offering it to you as a free download, but if you don’t have a printer or would like it to be a high quality print on a thick card for you to keep visible around your house during the year, just go here and we will ship you one for just $2 for shipping + handling.

Download the Free Printable New Teacher Question Card HERE.

Hope this helps you as much as it helps me!




  1. Meredith says

    Thank you so much for this…I always need a way to find out this information, super cute idea!!! Sending these to the first day of school tomorrow :)

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